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Watching the way the world is reacting to recent economic events brings to mind how connected we have become.  A significant movement in one location causes ripples that move quickly and often forcefully around the globe.  It makes me wonder if thought and consciousness moves in the same way, like a wave of energy that moves around the globe on some unseen grid that surrounds and connects us all.  The universal mind, if you will.

Well, there is a long-term study based at Princeton University called the Global Consciousness Project( also knowns as the EGG Project)  that may be beginning to discern such a thing.  They seek to find if there is a way to detect our collective consciusness, to discover if there is a force that connects our minds.  In 70 locations around the woprld, they have placed random number generators which basically produce high-speed versions of coin flips.  A heads on the coin, to illustrate the point, would show up as a zero and a tails would appear as the number one.  There should be total randomness in these flips. especially over long periods of time.  And especially between the results from the 70 different generators.

However, they have found that when large events occur the results veers from random and takes on an apparent pattern in these machines.  And this same departure doesn’t simply take place at the generator nearest the event but through the whole system, as though they are synchronized.  For example, on 9/11 the machines produced a remarkable synchronicity in their results in the hours before, during and after the event.  These results defied all odds.

Even though this has been going on for many years already, I still don’t think they’ve reached any concrete answers as to causation.  Perhaps they never will.  Perhaps they don’t even know the question to the answers they’re beginning to find.   But it makes you wonder.

Here’s a more in depth explanation fromproject participant Dean Radin:

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