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4 Windows

I like to do pieces containing multiple images periodically.  I like the repetition of form and the way the individual pieces play off each other, forming a new rhythm that is new and different.  This is one of those pieces, called 4 Windows.  It is built from four individual  5″ square paintings, each very similar in content and color.

  Each is an interior scene with a window with exterior scene, a red chair and the corner showing of a piece of artwork hanging on the wall.  There are small differences in each piece.  One has a table’s edge appearing. The scenes in the windows have differing elements– two have red trees with banded fields and the others have suns and bony tree trunks.  The red chair is shown with only the two rungs of its back in one piece.

The way the individual pieces are placed within this also has an effect on the overall feel of the whole.  I moved them around into every possible combination until I came to this arrangement which creates  the same sense of balance I look for in individual pieces.  A sense of solidness.

I really like the sense of contemplation in these four windows, as though it reflects four separate individuals mulling similar thoughts even though they are not connected.  That, combined with the nostalgic feel of the sepiatone walls, makes these pieces feel full in undirected emotional content.  By that I mean, it doesn’t overtly describe what that emotion should be that is being created. 

 That comes from the individual experience of the viewer.


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