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For every show, I put out a short statement that somewhat describes what I feel the work in that particular show represents to me.  I don’t talk about technique or use any “artspeak”– I just try to honestly express what I see in the work.  This is the statement for my upcoming show at the Kada Gallery in Erie, PA:


“The Time Has Come”

Kada Gallery,  October 2008


The time has come…


Four simple words describing a tipping point, where a decision has been made and a new plan of action set in motion…


When I was nearing the completion of preparation for this show I began to step back from the work a bit and really examine it as a group.  I was looking for the binding element that held the work together as group and gave it an emotional stamp.  I studied piece after piece and found far horizons , suns and moons breaking moodily through clouds, slumbering houses and fragments of paths leading into the distance.  All were at a certain point of stillness and it came to me.


The time has come…


The phrase fits the work so well.  Much of the work is about a tiny moment that resides between inaction and action, about being at the point where a call to action comes and one rises to the task.  Perhaps it is the calm before the storm.  Also, some of the paintings are concerned with coming to a point of realization in one’s life where the path ahead  is clear and  a decision of momentous consequence sends you ahead.  The time has come to end one phase and begin the next.


Even the work from the new “Archaeology” series fit the title.  Much of it seemingly is set in a future time and hints at a world of change where the familiar objects that inhabit our lives have become buried artifacts and we are apparently absent.  One phase has ended and another has started.


The time has come…


This is how I see a lot of these paintings.  Perhaps you’ll see this as well or even better, you’ll see something of your own life and experience in one of these pieces and make a connection. Whatever the case, “the time has come” for me to give you thanks for taking the time to look.


So, enjoy—



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