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Faust's GuitarWell, I’m on the road today, heading out to Erie, to see my good friends at the Kada Gallery and to deliver several commission pieces.  It’s always good to hit the road once in a while and clear away the studio cobwebs.  I thought I’d share a little Miserlou from surf guitar god Dick Dale.  Most probably know this piece from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and, while I think his use of music in that film was masterful, there’s something kind of cool in this clip by itself.  Maybe it’s the blonde twisting away in front of them.  Maybe it’s the side to side sway of the Del-Tones, all looking like they just came from a Chamber of Commerce mixer.  I think my dad may have bought insurance from the drummer and I’m pretty sure the bass player is Al Franken.  Maybe it’s just the alliterative power and the dark contrast of Dick Dale himself, picking away at that mesmerizing Middle Eastern melody.  Whatever, give it a look and listen…

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