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Archaeology: The New Dawn

Archaeology: The New DawnAnother Saturday and I thought I’d show a painting from last year’s Archaeology series, The New Dawn.  This was one of the first of the series and one of the most dynamic.

I’m showing this as a sort of segue into a film clip I stumbled on.  I figured archaeology and digging around in the past would match up well for a goofy bit from my memory.

In my teens. The Gong Show was popular viewing with Chuck Barris, the Unknown Comic, Gene-Gene the Dancing Machine, a rotating cast of obnoxious celebrities(does JP Morgan really qualify?) and an endless supply of forgettable, and often downright sad, acts.

It was not Masterpiece Theatre certainly but when you’re fourteen, loud and obnoxious will suffice.

Anyway, I have this embedded memory of a group of costumed guys pulsing around the stage to The Immigrant Song from Led Zeppelin, one of those memories that you are pretty sure are less than they seem.  The kind of thing that makes you question the judgement of your brain’s selective trigger- why is thing occupying space here?  Well, on a whim I looked it up and sure enough, there it was.  Just goes to show that you can, indeed, find anything on YouTube.  I’m still not sure that’s a good thing but here is my memory.  Have a good Saturday…

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