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Last Day of Summer

Last Day of Summer GC MyersI have this piece shown here in my studio.  It’s a 12″ square painting that I completed several weeks ago and has been in my sightline for about half of the last three months- half  my summer.

There’s something about this piece that reminds me that today is the last day of summer.  There’s something in this that speaks of a time of change, of the transition from one season, one time, into the next.  Maybe it has to do with the way the light in the sky is cooler at its center, fading to  the warmer yellows and reds at its edge.  Maybe its just the simple fact that the scene seems to be from an older farm, a symbol in its way of the changes that have occurred in our culture.

I don’t know.  Just makes me think that today is the last day of summer.

I guess I have my title for this work.

Got  to run.  Work to be done…

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