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This is a new piece, a little 6″ by 8″ canvas, that I finished in the last few days.  It is in the same vein as my Archaeology series although it is without the artifacts beneath the surface.  I personally refer to them as Strata pieces.

The Strata work still exposes the underground timeline but relies on the rhythm and color of the layers to carry the painting.  There is also a chair aboveground in this painting, something that I never used in the Archaeology work, which was intentionally left devoid of human evidence outside of the underground artifacts.  The inclusion of the chair puts this piece more in the present time, the time of man.  The Archaeology series hinted more at being in the future, in a world without man.

I call this piece On the Shoulders of Time.  It is just a reminder of how we are the result of all that has come before us.  Every decision, every action, everything good and bad that preceded us, has brought each of us to this juncture in time.  Our decisions, our actions, will determine how and where that chair sits for future generations.

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