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Today is the beginning of March Madness, the annual tournament to determine college basketball’s national champion.  The first two days are wall to wall games, 16 each day.  It’s a virtual all-you-can-eat buffet for any college hoop fan.

I’ve followed the Syracuse Orangemen since I was a kid and still get giddy at this point in the season when they play in the tournament.  It has more often than not ended in disappointment and frustration but  the several times when they’ve moved deep into the tournament have been worth the pain of the imminent defeat.

I guess that’s the beauty of the college game, the excitement of a new and changed team with new players every year.  Experiencing how they evolve and grow ( or falter and come apart) as the season progresses.  Like many things, it often comes down to establishing a rhythm and making every part move together in an intuitve way.  When these teams gel and become a cohesive unit, it’s an exciting thing to see.  When they don’t, you simply say, “Wait ’til next year…”

Hopefully, one of these cohesive units will be Syracuse.   Go, Orange.

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