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I Wish I Was the Moon

Under a Pale Eye-- GC Myers 2010

Saturday morning and there’s a cloudiness of thought and as I sit here, wanting to say something of value, I find myself an empty vessel.  There’s not always something there when you reach down inside so I put this aside for a while and listen to some music, putt around the studio and look at things.  Read a post on another blog that sets me thinking.  It was about the act of forgetting, losing all the details of an experience.  Remembering only your view and not taking in the whole.  The richness of the entirety.

Maybe that’s not even what this blogger was trying to say but we tend to transform what we hear or read or see into something that pertains to our own base of experience and knowledge, if only to try to understand what is being said. 

As I’m wrestling with this in my foggy mind, a song comes on.  I Wish I Was the Moon from Neko Case.  And it fits  as I find myself wishing I, too, were the moon, fleeing the rising sun that is beginning to flood through my studio windows.  Wish I were the moon casting light on wherever my eye might fall and cloaking the rest in the shelter of darkness.  And I think of this piece, Under a Pale Eye.  And in it, I am the moon, if only for a moment.

But the sun is shining bright and the fog begins to lift from my mind and I am no longer the moon.  For now…

Here’s Neko Case–

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