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Ramshackle Review

Mark Reep, who I’ve featured here before,  is a truly gifted artist, one who toils in the world of black and white art producing stunning imagined landscapes from graphite and ink.  His work, always moody and thought-provoking, is filled with thousands of marks upon the surface  and takes a lot of time to produce. I repeat- a lot of time.

Yet, despite this drain on his time and energy, Mark  somehow finds time to edit an online literary and arts journal, Ramshackle Review, which premiered this past September.  It was started as a showcase for literary and artistic work to run alongside comments from the creators about the process used.  There is an interesting interview with Mark in the Start Up section of Zine-Scene where he describes the evolution of the journal and his goals for it.

In the first two editions there is a wealth of poetry and prose from accomplished writers from all points as well as intriguing artwork from extremely talented artists.  Interspersed are short interviews that Mark has with the creators.  I’ve spent some time going through and plan to head back in later to spend a bit more.  Interesting stuff.

Kudos to you, Mark.  Well done. 

Good luck!

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