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Power to the People

I spent most of my time in the studio yesterday watching the situation in Egypt, watching Mubarak’s regime finally fall before the will of organized, unarmed protest.  Even with the ever present cynicism concerning what the next step for that nation will be, I have to admit I was moved by the Egyptian people and their steadfast unity through these last few weeks.  I was certain that Mubarak’s address Thursday evening would result in violent confrontations, his words goading the protesters into a frenzy that would be enough for him to send in his police squads or the military.  But, to their credit, the pro-democracy protesters did not take the bait and instead came out in larger, louder numbers yesterday, all united by a theme of peaceful power. 

At that point, it must have become obvious to the regime that these people were not simply going away.  They had endured.  They had withstood attacks from the regime’s goon squads, losing nearly 300 lives in the process, and had not retreated (oddly enough, there have been no reports of counter-protests since those obviously staged by the regime a week or so back).  They had ignored veiled threats from the vice-president that they must go home.  They held fast.

A report said that after Mubarak’s address on Thursday, the Army turned on him and that marked the beginning of the end for his regime.

Again, I have no idea what the next step for these folks will be.  I don’t know if this is absolutely the best thing for them, that their lives will be appreciably better in the years to come.  Whether they will continue down this road to a pure democracy or if they will fall prey to radical ideologues vying for control, I don’t think anyone knows for sure.  That’s one of the qualities of freedom– uncertainty.  But they at least have a chance now and to see them have their voices heard and to feel that their will is stronger than the usurped power of the corrupt ex-regime is a wonder to behold.  It is a moment to cherish, a moment to inspire other oppressed peoples.  There are few sweet moments like this in most people’s lives and though it is not my moment, I revel in it.  Good for you, Egypt.

Power to the people.

In the coverage I heard an Egyptian reciting this phrase so here’s a little tune with that message to hum along to this morning:

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