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Clarence Clemons passed away this weekend after recently suffering a stroke.  He was 69 years old.  His name might not be a household one but to fans of Bruce Springsteen he truly lived up to his moniker, the Big Man.  He played saxophone for Springsteen’s E Streeters since the the very beginning back in the early 70’s.  He was Springsteen’s dancing partner on stage and his tenor sax’s wail defined the band’s sound through the earliest years including the classic 1975 album, Born to Run.  His solo on that album’s Jungleland is revered among fans.

Good bye, Big Man.  You will be missed.

Here’s a fave from long ago that features the Big Man at the forefront of a live version of an early Springsteen song, Paradise by the C.  That’s how I will remember the Big Man.

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