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The Sprout and the Bean

I don’t know a lot about famous harpists except for possibly Harpo Marx, who I have featured here before playing an ethereal Take Me Out to the Ballgame.  To tell the truth I can’t think of another harpist at the moment except for Joanna Newsom.  My nephew introduced me to her music a few years ago and I have to admit it has taken some time for me to warm to it.  It has not been the harp playing, the sound of which I really love. 

 No, it was getting past her voice.

It’s a high, flat voice that some have called childlike, a term to which I understand Newsom objects.  Others have said it is reminiscent of the voices of  the Appalachian hill folk and their traditional songs.  I kind of find it in somewhere in between and had a tough time hearing it set in contrast  against the beautiful tones of the harp.  But I keep listening and there are now many moments when I really see the beauty in her truly unique talent.  The Sprout and the Bean is such a moment.

Have a great Saturday.


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