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RedTree in Gdansk

RedTree Near Gdansk PolandI have often said that one of my favorite benefits from my job as an artist is hearing from people from all over the world who have seen my work.  It’s always gratifying to know that my work translates across boundaries and cultures, that it is not isolated in its appeal.  I was reminded of this as I was cleaning out my spam file this morning and came across an email there that didn’t seem to fit.

It was from Gdansk in Poland, from an architect/town planner named Joanna M. She had seen my blogpost on the works of Hans Memling and invited me to Gdansk to see  his The Last Judgment, his spectacular triptych which is in the National Museum there.

She then went on to tell me about her work as a town planner, saying that a current plan for a housing area there in Gdansk resembles  my paintings with the hills and paths and structures.  She also pointed out that they even had a red tree there.  as seen in the photo above which she included.  She said she is planning a pedestrian path that leads up this hill to the Red Tree.

I was tired this morning coming into the studio but finding this email brightened my day and reinvigorated me.  I have talked before about the idea that there are other eyes looking over my shoulder in the studio, urging me on.  It gives me inspiration and a sense of purpose, taking me away from my own selfish needs.   Those eyes make me believe that my work is part of a bigger community.   Thank you, Joanna, for lending me your eyes this morning all the way from Gdansk.  It is most appreciated.

 Dziękuję bardzo.

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