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The $2 Road Trip FundA friend of mine sent me a story last week that he had come across that he thought would interest me.  It was a story that has been told on CNN and NPR but was not one that I heard.  It was about a young man from NYC named Dotan Negrin who travelled around the Northeast US and eastern Canada, playing piano as he went.  He started the trip in NYC with his van, a 450 pound Kimball piano, a few personal items, a$2 bill which was the only money he took, one gallon of gas in his van and Brando,  his constant canine companion.

The trip lasted 31 days and he covered 3600 miles, playing piano in 11 cities.  He earned money from donations as he played as well as from picking up a few gigs at a few places from owners who heard him on the street.  He came home with the $2 bill still in hand as well as over $2200 more.  It’s a great story, along with earlier trip across the entire US,  that you can read more about at his site Piano Across America.

The $2 Road Trip- Doltan and Brando at workIt’s just another great illustration of someone following their bliss, taking that thing that they most love to do and somehow finding a way to make it their livelihood.  Dotan loves playing piano yet struggled to find a way to earn a living doing it in the traditional manner.  So he made his own opportunity.  It’s a great lesson in thinking outside of the box, determination and not accepting what the eye initially beholds.  A lesson that many of us should take notice of

Too often we let others set our limits and determine our fates.  We all have an ability of some sort.  This is something that I have always believed– that we are all equally gifted and flawed.  It’s just a matter of determining what our own special ability is and finding a way to incorporate it into our life.  Dotan Negrin is doing just that.  On the back of his piano there is a map of the US along with a sign that says “You owe it to yourself to do something remarkable with your life.

It appears that his special ability is in playing music and inspiring people.

Here’s a great video that has him playing and talking about his trip across the country.  Lot of lessons in here, too.


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