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GC Myers-The Hidden Simple I wasn’t going to write anything today but there is a song that has been stuck in my head since hearing it the other day.  It’s one of those songs from the past that fades from memory but once it is reintroduced, becomes ever-present, at least for a short time.  And that’s where I am with Red Rubber Ball, a song made popular all the way back in 1966 by a short-lived band, The Cyrkle.  Their other hit was also a song with a catchy chorus, Turn Down Day.

This was never one of my favorites, at least consciously.  But it was so ingrained that the chorus just falls out once the song begins and, as I said, remains there for some time.  I found myself humming it this morning as I wandered through the woods to my studio at 6:30.  And there was no red rubber ball in the sky.

An interesting aside for this song is that Paul Simon co-wrote it with Bruce Woodley of  The Seekers, who also recorded it in 1966.  It has also been recorded by Neil Diamond and many others but the version that most folks remember, at least for short periods, is from The Cyrkle.  Here they are performing the song on a variety show in 1966, complete with keen matching outfits and a nifty set.  Enjoy and have a great Sunday.

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