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Sapanta_Peri_monastery_1Last week I showed the Merry Cemetery in Romania with its colorful wooden tombstones.  After that, a friend sent me a link to another blog that showed an image of a  nearby monastery, Peri Monastery,  in the same town, Sapanta.  It was a magnificent structure, supposedly the tallest wooden structure in Europe, that looked like something pulled from a fairy tale.  Despite its appearance, it is a new structure but one that is in the tradition of the wooden churches of that region, with wooden shingles on the roof and wooden pegs used throughout instead of nails.

Nearby is the bell tower for the monastery.  It is an equally striking building as is the carved gate to the grounds.

sapanta-peri-monastery-bell tower

Bell Tower, Peri Monastery, Sapanta, Romania

sapanta-peri-monastery-02-gateWhile looking at some other images of this monastery, I came across these images below that captured my imagination.  One is a winter scene of a destroyed church.  I don’t have any info on the story behind this but it is an intriguing photo.  The other is of haystacks in the field.  They stack the hay on poles which creates these slender, almost human-like shapes, that seem to be marching across the fields. Fittingly, the Romanians call them Germans.  I kind of think they look like the Shmoos from the old Li’l Abner comics.

Sapanta Romania Winter Scene Romanian Hay Stacks- Germans

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