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GC Myers Memory of  Night smIt’s a Sunday morning, the first in the new year, and that means a little music to start the day.  I am still trying to figure out the feeling of this year.  I am not in any kind of rhythm yet, having taken a short hiatus, and am trying to break through to a hopefully rich vein.  Maybe today is the day.  We shall see.

But for my music I am going back to one of my favorites, Neko Case, whose music has appeared here a number of times.  This song is Soulful Shade of Blue, taken from a live set  in 2004 that became  The Tigers Have Spoken,  an album that instantly made me a fan when I was introduced to it.  This song is an old Buffy Saint-Marie tune which probably doesn’t mean much to you if you’re not of a certain age.  Click on her name for a quick education on her career.

It’s a wonderfully crafted song and Neko Case does it beautifully.  It’s a nice, easy entry into 2015.  Give a listen, take it easy and head down that road into the new year.

Have a great Sunday…

PS: The painting at the top is Memory of Night which is at the West End Gallery.

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