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GC Myers- Experimental Piece 1995It’s the New Year and I am finally back at work.  I’ve started working on some pieces that have been brewing in my mind for a while, some that are out of my comfort zone.  I don’t know how they will turn out and there’s a good chance that most of this work will never see the light of day.  I have found that quite often work that is too idea based or thought out never gets into any kind of natural flow or rhythm, at least for me.  I have plenty of examples from over the years that I won’t show here.

Occasionally a piece will come along that just doesn’t seem to work at the time but has something that emerges later.  For instance, the piece at the top was an early experiment from back in 1995.  It just didn’t click for me then.  It just seemed too worked and not free enough, if that makes any sense to anyone out there.  But the spiral of the sky found its way back into my work years later in a different form when I developed a way to make it seem more naturally integrated into the painting.  I appreciate this piece much more now than I did 20 years ago.

Hopefully, some of this new work will be good enough to show here.  We shall see…

For the first Sunday morning music of the new year, I thought I’d break out one my old favorites, Hank Snow, the Singing Ranger.  I have always loved his music and there’s something I find really appealing about him that I can’t really explain.  With his small stature, close cropped hair and the looks of a hardware store clerk from years ago, he certainly doesn’t have the cool appearance of a star.  Maybe it’s that anti-cool factor that I like.  He just did what he did in his own way.

Anyway, here’s his Rhumba Boogie to kickstart 2016.  Have a great day and a better new year.

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