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GC Myers- Breakthrough

The painting above is called Breakthrough and is a 30″ by 30″ canvas.  I chose it for this post because it fits well with my state of mind this morning.  You see, sometimes a breakthrough announces itself in a big momentous way while sometimes it comes in quiet, barely awake moment.

I woke up this morning in the dark and for the first time in a long while found myself thinking about a painting I had been working on.  I was thinking about how I had left it at the end of yesterday and the approach I wanted to take when I went back into it today–the colors I wanted to add and the manner in which I would apply them.

For most of you, the thoughts of imminent work may not seem like a great way to start your waking day but for me it was an exciting thrill.  It felt normal in a good way to me, something that has been lacking in recent months when it seems as though every day offered a different task or challenge that took me further out of the routine that has long been my emotional and creative stabilizer.

But this morning it seemed closer to my normal normal.  And it felt good.  It was energizing in that it meant that my mind was moving away from things I can’t control and back to those things that control and guide me.  Just knowing that my waking mind transitioned immediately from the subconscious to a creative state was exciting.

And reassuring.  There have been moments in recent months when I thought that part of me was slipping away, that I would have trouble finding my way back to that creative wellspring that has nourished me for so many years.  But this morning I see a creative path moving forward and am eager to move ahead on it.  It feels like a breakthrough and that feels right and good.


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