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harvey-korman-as-hedleylamarrI read this week that that Rex Tillerson, the president and CEO of Exxon Mobil who considers himself close to Putin, is at the top of the list as a potential Secretary of State in the Trump Administration.

Given the picks that Trump has made thus far, it makes perfect sense.

It’s not pay-to-play here.  It is actually pay-to-make-policy.

Nobody thought that when Donald Trump said he would not be appointing lobbyists to his cabinet it meant that he was simply cutting out the middle man. Why hire the spokesman when you can get  the real thing– the people who benefit most from the work of their lobbyists?

With each new pick, his chosen group has taken on an almost comic book feel.  Each departmental choice seems designed to pick the person that poses the most peril to the goals and purpose of that department.

It’s absurdity at the highest level.

Every pick makes me think that Trump sees himself as Hedley Lamarr, played by Harvey Korman, in the movie Blazing Saddles.  Below is the scene that brings this to mind.  Like Trump, Hedley is looking for some people to do some work for him. The title of this post is from this clip, in case you were wondering.

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