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bowling-green-monumentMost of us most likely find ourselves still reliving that fateful day, thinking about where we were and what we doing when we first came aware of it. You know what I’m talking about.

The Bowling Green Massacre.

So many of us fell on that day, that terrible February 30th. We remember how, in the aftermath as we tried to get our bearings and find a way forward, Frederick Douglass came forward to rally and steady us with his powerful words.  It was good work that he did that day. You hear about it, more and more.

2/30. We cannot forget. We will not forget.  No, we have historians like Kellyanne Conway that will continue to tell that tale.

And so many others, I am sure.


It’s getting harder to sort yourself out when you wake up in the morning and you’re not sure which dimension of reality you are in on that particular day.  So today I’m calling for a movie day and will share two short films.

The first is Color of Reality made by filmmaker Alexa Meade who is known for her perspective-altering technique that combines sets and people that take on a painterly appearance. Movement Artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck create compelling dance moves that make this film a thoughtful call to action.

The second is an animation set to President Obama‘s telling of how his campaign’s “Fired Up, Ready to Go” slogan came to be. It’s both funny and inspiring.  If you need a reason to get fired up (and many of us do these days, given the events taking place before our eyes)  give this a look and a listen.

Have a good day.  Hope you’re fired up and ready to go. I am.

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