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Tony Sorby- Journey Tracks to Sacred Sites

Whenever I come across a piece of Australian Aboriginal art online it just stops me cold. I am immediately pulled in amid the dots and forms and earthy colors.  There seems to be something beyond what I am looking at, something deeply rhythmic and pulsing, something that connects me to a bigger pattern.

And that makes sense as even the most contemporary of this art is directly connected to the very beginnings of these people, documenting their paths, ceremonies and customs through the ages. It tells who they are as a people and perhaps, in its own way, does the same for even us non-aboriginals, connecting us in our humanity.

It has an organic authenticity that artists in other genres strive to capture in the voice of their own work. It is new and ancient at the same time. It has a modern abstract feel yet has representational symbology that comes through. As has been said, most of this work could hang in a modern art museum or in a museum devoted to anthropology– it is art and history.

I just find it fascinating and have nothing but great respect for these artists. I spent about an hour looking at the site of  a wonderful gallery devoted to Aboriginal art, the Kate Owen Gallery, based in the Sydney area of Australia. I could have spent many more hours on the site.  I urge you to take a look.

I’m showing a few pieces that jumped out at me and I barely scratched the surface of all the great work there


Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty-Awurrapun


Eileen Napaltjarri-Tjiturrupa


Alma Nungurrayi Granites-Yanjirlpirri


Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty-Family Tree


Christine Nakamarra Curtis-Mina Mina Jukurrpa


Joylene Napangardi Reid-Women’s Ceremony

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