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Part of me wants to explode this morning at the sheer horror show taking place in our White House and at the fools who believed the obviously hollow promises made on the campaign trail by a creature with a past built on lies and deception.

Or even worse the politicians and so-called evangelicals who sacrificed every principle they ever had in the belief that they could manage this amoral beast to achieve their own goals.  And still continue to stand by this dangerous and undisciplined manchild.

Well, the fact is that the ends will never justify the means when the means is a raging tornado of crap and razor blades that might easily engulf us all. Even if we survive, everyone is slashed and covered in blood and crap.

Yeah, I think you can see I want to explode.

But I went to this little video that mixes the paintings of Norwegian painter Harald Sohlberg (1869-1935) with a Bach organ piece. I had featured Sohlberg’s paintings last year here on the blog and was captivated by them.  There was a wonderful stillness to them that I found immensely calming.

Which I need this morning. And this short slideshow is a wonderful elixir for what ails me. I watched it and immediately felt myself slow down internally as the images and music blended.

I think I’ll watch it again. And again.

Hope it works for you, if you feel the need.

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