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This Painting Could Be Yours Today!

Okay, this is the last time I will mention this, I promise.

As I have mentioned just a couple of times before, I am giving a Gallery Talk today at the Principle Gallery in lovely Old Town Alexandria starting at 1 PM.  There will be a group of new paintings with me as well as a handful of my Orphans (see yesterday’s blog post, Selling Orphans, for info) at very special prices. I will hold a conversation with everyone for a short bit, answering any and all questions there might be.

Then I do some birdcalls.

Then after the talk and the birdcalls, there will be a drawing for the painting of mine above, The Warmth of Breath, a 16″ by 20″ canvas.

Everyone in attendance has a chance to win.

Plus, there may be a few other surprises, the first being that I don’t really do birdcalls though I had a friend in high school who did a hell of a warbler. But there will be some other things, I promise.

Plus, I can guarantee a relatively good time. I was going to say a great time but I’m trying to cut down on hyperbole.

Ah, what the heck–it will definitely be a good time.

I am hoping you can make it into the Principle Gallery today.


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