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“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

― John F. Kennedy, Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, 1963


JFK said the words above just three days before his assassination in 1963 and it is as a good reminder now as it was then that words of gratitude mean little unless we express our gratitude with meaningful action. I thought I would share a Thanksgiving post that was written in 2009. Little has changed in the time. There’s still terrorism, war and greed beyond comprehension–I could add a few more bad things but let’s leave that for another day. But the message here echoes the words of JFK from 1963, that gratitude is best expressed in action. Have a good and peaceful Thanksgiving.


It’s Thanksgiving 2009, the last one of this first decade of the new century. It has been a decade that many would like to put well behind us.  A decade of terrorism, non-stop war and unabated greed.

But there are still reasons for giving thanks. Friends and family and the love that is there. The moments of joy that brighten many dark days. A kind word from a stranger. The sunshine and the rain that nourish us. The food we eat.

It’s simple. It’s anything and everything.

In a universe that is seemingly infinite, we are riding the tiniest clod of  soil and water. We have consciousness,  aware of the world around us.

We are alive.

So, on this last Thanksgiving of this decade, look around and be thankful but remember that Thanksgiving is a word of action. It is not static. Be active and express your thanks to those around you. If you have the ability, show your thanks to the world by helping those who have not been quite so fortunate in worldly terms. Or by extending a hand in some way to those who sacrifice on our behalf, such as the soldiers who are spending their day away from those they love.

Volunteer at your favorite charity. Write a check to your local food bank.  Just do something to help someone besides yourself.

Thanksgiving is a word of action, after all.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving…

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