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Cue Celine

Over a century ago, in 1912, the Titanic, claiming to be the biggest and best ship of its time, made its maiden voyage heading from England to New York.

Well, there’s a ship out there right now, big and as full of itself as the Titanic. Its name is written in large gaudy gold letters across its bow and like the Titanic begins with a T.

This week, the iceberg that has been looming on the horizon moved perilously close to this ship. And I have a feeling that this iceberg is bigger and deeper and vastly more dangerous than the pompous Captain and his First Mates ever could imagine. They think they can simply evade the part of the iceberg they can see. And the passengers who trust this captain believe that he will steer them clear.

We all know how this story goes: Big Ship+North Atlantic+Iceberg+Crash+Bottom of the sea+Celine Dion singing. Closing credits and fade to black.

There are a lot of people out there saying that the events of this week are the end of the story, that they are a small iceberg that can be swerved around and the big ship trudges onward. But we all know that icebergs are sometimes massive and that the sighting of one is often just the beginning of the story.

We have sighted the iceberg and even the tip of the iceberg is big. This story has just began.

Cue Celine Dion.


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