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It’s 2019. Hard to believe we’re in the last year of the second decade of the 21st century. It definitely has lost its new millennium smell.

When you’re young, time feels like a boulder that you’re pushing up a hill. It seems like a long, slow slog to get to certain days or reach ages where the world supposedly opens up for you. Take for example, how long the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas used to feel when you were a kid. Everyday felt like a week. Or how long that year from 15 to 16, the age when you could get you driver’s license, seemed to drag on.

Time seemed to almost go backwards at certain points back then.

But there comes an age when that boulder reaches the apex and begins rolling down the other side of the hill. Not so slow anymore. In fact, it quickly picks up speed and, try as you might, there’s no way to slow this monster down now. That month between Thanksgiving and Christmas? It begins to feel like five or six days.

And a year? Seemingly gone in the blink of an eye, racing away down that hill and dragging you along for the ride.

That is certainly how the last two decades have felt for me– a boulder rushing down a hill. It hasn’t run over me yet so guess so long as I can avoid it and can’t see the bottom there shouldn’t be any complaints.

The concern should be not where it takes you but how that fleeting time is spent. Want to use my time well because think this coming year, 2019, is going to be a doozy in may ways.

Just not sure if those are good or bad doozies.

Walking over to the studio this morning in the dark, it was very windy and I heard the thunderous crash of tree tumbling over a ways up in the woods. I stopped and stared up into the blackness of the forest waiting for any more sounds. A slightly smaller crack and crash followed a moment later. Then nothing but the blackness and the sound of the wind’s fury¬†through the still standing trees.

All I could think was that there was some symbolism in that falling tree and the arrival of the new year. There is little doubt that something big is going to happen, great changes are going to come in some way, good or bad.

It’s like that boulder of time is rolling through a forest.

Welcome to 2019, kids. Hope you’re ready for the ride because, like the old Chambers Brothers’ song said, time has come today. It could be pivotal, a defining year in many ways.

So make good use of your time. And look out for boulders.



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