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GC Myers- Kick Off a Shoe in Frame

Still a lot to do today before I am ready to deliver the work for my June 4 show to the Principle Gallery tomorrow so I am going to be brief.

GC Myers - After Party in frameDue to circumstances that kept my friend who has made most of my frames for the past 23 years from supplying me, I had to scramble for some frames for this show. I think, all in all, it was a successful effort that included using frames I had in stock, some new frames from well known frame manufacturers, some raw wood frames I scoured and found on the internet, and a handful of handmade frames, which I am showing here.

While it’s more work than I would like to take on on a regular basis, I generally like the results with the handmade frames. I like the idea of an artist-built frames to go with a painting, especially if it echoes the feel of the work. It adds something personal, something unique, to the work.

I think that is the case with these two. Like my work and myself, they are not perfect. You won’t see them in Fine Woodworking magazine anytime soon. But they feel quirky and definitely attuned to these pieces.

Plus, they are solid. They have a heft that makes me think that you could fend off a marauding team of grizzlies with one of these in hand. For all I know, they might even be bulletproof.

Hope I– or you— never have to find out if these claims are true.

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