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GC Myers- Between Here and There

Between Here and There“- At the Principle Gallery, Alexandria, VA

Take a map of the world
And measure with your hands
All of the miles
Across all of the land
Write it down, add it up
And you might understand
About the distance between you and me

— Dwight Yoakam, The Distance Between You and Me

One of the casualties of these past  several years, especially the last two, has been the erosion of my trust of people I don’t know.

And some that I have known for some time.

I come to every interaction with these folks with at least a small degree of wariness. I find myself looking for any indications that they might at any moment go off into a spiel about how the election was stolen and that the former guy in charge, a proven selfish liar and cheat with fascist leanings, was somehow looking out for them and would somehow be soon reinstated to office.

Or how the vaccine contains tracking chips or makes you magnetic or sterile or changes your DNA.

Or that my mask offends them in some way, that it is somehow harmful to them that I am wearing one.

Or that how sucking down horse-paste or swilling betadine or doing shots of kerosene is the most effective defense against covid-19 which, by the way, is a hoax. Or, even if they do somehow grudgingly admit its existence, that they will do their own research to find a solution that works for them because the real truth and secret information can certainly be found online in YouTube or TikTok videos.

 Or that they might just come out and say that their beliefs– no matter how far out in the ozone they might be–are as valid as the entire body of scientific evidence and historic precedence amassed in the past millennium. 

I could go on and on because the list of conspiracies, inaccuracies, prejudices, and glaring contradictions they embrace is seemingly endless. So many that I am fatigued just trying to keep up with whatever new nonsense some rightwing nutjob on radio or TV might unleash on these gullible folks who want to hear anything but the reality of the situation.

That’s just a small bit of the baggage I find myself carrying into every interaction now.

And I don’t like that it is that way. I knew before these past years that these people were out there. They would show themselves every so often then recede back into the woodwork. Now, they wear their absurd and convoluted belief system like a badge of honor and wield it like it was the hammer of Thor.

I think that is because they believe now that everyone shares their beliefs and worldview. Their small circle of like-minded friends in life and online reinforce this, as does everything they read or view, with little resistance or pushback. It then becomes more and more concrete to these people. Why wouldn’t they feel free to spout about what they see as the obvious truth?

Like I say, I don’t like distrusting people and can generally find common ground with most folks. But it’s getting harder especially as these folks exhibit more and more violent and cruel behavior. I don’t have an answer and asking these folks what they want is fruitless.

So, I am left with looking into the eyes of everyone I come across with a deep sense of wariness, wondering what bubble of reality they are living in. And sometimes, thinking I live in that same bubble, they let me know quickly, much to my dismay. 

If only this song from Dwight Yoakam, The Difference Between You and Me, could be playing at those moments. Maybe I should put it on my phone so that once they start spouting that this or that is a hoax, I could whip it out and drown out the nonsense.

I don’t know. No answers here, of course so I am sorry for subjecting you to my moaning this morning. Try to at least enjoy the song. It’s a good one.

Well, it is, in my bubble.


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