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Sojourner’s Return

GC Myers- Sojourner's Return sm

Sojourner’s Return– Now at the Principle Gallery

He came down over the hillside and into the pinewood. Through the trees he could see the red and gold sunset settling down among the white farm-buildings and the green apple-branches. It was his home now. But it could not be his home till he had gone out from it and returned to it. Now he was the Prodigal Son.

— G. K. Chesterton, Homesick at Home


Even after yesterday’s trip to the Principle Gallery, which was only a daytrip of several hundreds miles, it was still good to get home last night.

Always is.

Something about the safety and comfort of home. The person waiting for you. The other creatures and things that depend on your presence. It creates a sense of being needed.

And I guess that’s something we all desire. To be needed.

It was good trip and visit at the Principle Gallery, though short in length. Just good to spend a little time and catch up a bit as Michele and the rest of the gang there hustled around trying to find some space in which to get things ready for the this week’s show opening as a crew of workers installed new lighting in the front rooms of the gallery.

A little chaotic but in a good way.

The work I was delivering, including the very small piece at the top, Sojourner’s Return, is part of their upcoming Small Works show which opens this Saturday, December 4th.

In my isolation, I apparently have lost all idea of how schedules and calendars work. I have been writing for the last week or two that the show opened on Friday, December 4th. Of course, I now know that Friday is December 3rd this year and that the show actually opens on Saturday, December 4th.

Another 50 or 60 years and maybe I’ll get the hang of this time thing. Probably not.

And that’s okay. Sometimes it’s kind of nice to not know whether it’s Tuesday or Friday — especially when you’re comfortably at home.

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