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Twilight of Memory

GC Myers- Twilight of Memory small

Twilight of Memory– Coming to the West End Gallery

Another cold morning here. It’s winter in these parts so this is just a statement of fact, not a complaint. As much as I dislike the cold spot that settles in the middle of my back on such mornings, I have no longings for warmer climes.

No, I chose this place, this life that sometimes tests your stamina, patience, and willpower. Not always easy. You sometimes feel like you have earned it when the cold of winter finally subsides. There’s a bit of gratitude when the green of the grass begins to show and you realize you made it through another winter season.

Maybe that’s why I chose to stay here, that feeling of being tested and the gratitude that comes from passing that test.

But I do have some warmth in this cold, even if it is a mere painted surface. Take the piece at the top, Twilight of Memory, which is a small painting from quite a few years back that is just now finding its way to the West End Gallery for the annual Little Gems show in February. For me, the warm colors in it represents the warmth that comes for me in good memories.

Perhaps the memories that carry us through these cold days of testing.

And maybe that’s the purpose of memories of the past, to serve not as a place to inhabit but as a reminder of what life has been. Perhaps as a template for what can be, even if it takes a different form in the present.

I don’t know. of course. Just thinking out loud on a cold morning.

Here’s a song from the late Long John Baldry that pretty much sums it up. Here’s It Ain’t Easy.

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