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GC Myers-  Climb Ever Higher

Climb Ever Higher– At the West End Gallery, Corning, NY

It always amazes me to look at the little, wrinkled brown seeds and think of the rainbows in ’em,” said Captain Jim. “When I ponder on them seeds I don’t find it nowise hard to believe that we’ve got souls that’ll live in other worlds. You couldn’t hardly believe there was life in them tiny things, some no bigger than grains of dust, let alone colour and scent, if you hadn’t seen the miracle, could you?

L.M. Montgomery, Anne’s House of Dreams (Anne of Green Gables #5)

A few thoughts on this Easter Sunday.

Not off my break from this blog quite yet. The break has proven to be beneficial as I have been very productive in the past several days in this time. Feel like I have made a quantum leap ahead in readying my work for the upcoming shows. My anxieties have eased up a bit on this front and I find myself in a good painting groove at this moment. So, maybe the break was a good idea.

As I mentioned earlier, my friend, Brian Pappalardo, has went through a medical ordeal over much of the last year, spending 10 1/2 months in hospitals including over 2 months intubated and on a respirator. He has had to undergo much physical therapy in order to regain his speech, use of hands and arms and walking.

With the help of a great staff at Cayuga Medical Center, he has worked hard, and it has paid off, as hard work often does. On Friday, he finally went home. On a holiday weekend based on a resurrection, perhaps the timing was fitting.

But he still has a lot of very hard work ahead of him with hopes of being out of his wheelchair for good at some future time. The first days at home have shown new challenges to be overcome and he is still adjusting to the situation in a non-hospital setting. But I have no doubt he’ll figure it out and persevere.

In the fundraiser we set up to help offset Brian’s amassing medical expenses, almost $12,500 was raised. This will help immensely and takes off a little of the pressure of financial worry for Brian, allowing him to focus on and continue his physical therapy.

I want to extend my warmest thanks to everyone who donated, from Brian’s longtime friends to those who have never met Brian. Your generosity in terms of money and goodwill was inspiring and moving. Thank you.

Okay, here is a song for this Easter Sunday. It’s a gospel song from the Soul Stirrers, best known for being the launching pad for the career of one of my all-time favorites, Sam Cooke. This song is Out on a Hill and features the vocals of Johnnie Taylor, who sounds an awful lot like Cooke, who had recently departed for his solo career when this track was recorded. Taylor also had a celebrated career, most notably for the classic R&B song from 1968, Who’s Making Love.

Give a listen, have a good Sunday, and hopefully I will be back soon. Thanks!

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