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Terra Firma

GC Myers-- Terra Firma  2022

Terra Firma— Now at the West End Gallery

The island is all eyes.
The silence ponders, notes, and codifies.
We discover only what we set out to find.

— Lawrence Durrell

Thankfully, there’s a soft but steady rain this morning, something I wish I could send along to my friends in those areas so desperate for the moisture.

I was going to simply leave this new painting from my West End Gallery show and a few words from Lawrence Durrell this morning. It seemed enough to say on a warm and wet Monday morning.

But I happened across a video that was filmed yesterday at the Newport Jazz Festival. It was Joni Mitchell singing Gershwin’s immortal Summertime. from Porgy and Bess. It’s a song that never fails to be moving for me but this performance seemed even more so. 

Maybe it’s this moment in time, in this year in the ease and strain that accompanies summer or maybe it’s the sight of a long-loved icon at the junction of age and illness still creating something beautiful, but there seemed to be something special in it.

Or maybe it’s just my own bias. You be the judge.

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