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GC Myers- In Rhapsody

In Rhapsody— At the West End Gallery

It must be this rhapsody or none,
The rhapsody of things as they are.

–Wallace Stevens, The Man with the Blue Guitar

I decided to pair the painting above with this couplet from a Wallace Stevens poem. It just seemed to fit this piece that, to me, deals with the rhythm and rhapsody of the universe.

Then I realized that the poem, The Man with the Blue Guitar, was written about the famed Picasso painting with that same title that was the featured image in yesterday’s blog post.

Just one of those interesting coincidences that pop up once in a while. Or maybe it’s some form of synchronicity, an alignment of consciousness of the kind referred to in this painting.

I can’t say for sure. But I do see a rhapsody of being in this painting. By that, I mean the recognition, acceptance, and exultation of both our significance and insignificance in this world.

The joy in simply being.

The rhapsody of things as they are.

Okay, since we’re using the term rhapsody today, how about filling out our dance card with a bit of music? Here’s the always entertaining Lang Lang and his performance of the Hungarian Rhapsody #2 from Franz Liszt.

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