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On My Way

GC Myers-  Climb Ever Higher

Climb Ever Higher– At the West End Gallery

You have nothing to trust to but your own energy and the sublime instinct of an ancient people. Go to your homes, and teach there these truths, which will soon be imprinted on the conscience of the land. Make each man feel how much rests on his own exertions… Act in this spirit, and you will succeed. You will maintain your country in its present position. But you will do more than that, you will deliver to your posterity a land of liberty, of prosperity, of power, and of glory.

— Benjamin Disraeli, Speech to the National Union of Conservative and Constitutional Associations in Crystal Palace, London, June 1872

I am running the whole of a quote taken from a speech 19th century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli because, as a whole, it is good advice for any politician or government official. But there are two lines in it in which I am focusing:

You must act as if everything depended on your individual efforts. The secret of success is constancy of purpose.

That — total commitment of effort and constancy of purpose– is the secret to achieving any type of success, regardless of how you define success.

Of course, that’s easier said than done.

It is not a straight-forward or easy path. There are always distractions, obstacles, pitfalls and stumbles along the way. Discouraging things that will strain one’s resolve.

But if one can remain dedicated to a purpose, keep their eye on the prize as they say, progress will take place. It may not be the ultimate success sought but it will be a positive step forward in that direction. It will be a form of success on which other larger successes can be built.

After all, you can’t stand on top of the hill without climbing up it first.

That’s my pep talk for this morning. These are more for myself than anyone else but if someone takes anything from them, all the better. Plus, this ne gives me a chance to play a song I’ve been fixated on in recent days. It’s an old gospel song, On My Way (To Canaan Land), that has been performed by a multitude of singers. I don’t know that I’ve ever a bad version but this particular one from the several different performances of it by the great Mahalia Jackson is my favorite. It is elegantly simple, with nothing to distract from the power of the song. And a great rhythm. I get the feeling that Tom Waits spent a lot of time listening to this at some point.

Give a listen. I’d stay and listen with you but I have my own hill to climb.

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