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GC Myers- Silent Eye of Night

Silent Eye of Night– Coming to Principle Gallery

Let’s take a ride to the easy plateauWhere the cold don’t come and the wind don’t blowMoonlight flickers on the water below

Easy Plateau, Ryan Adams

This is another new painting that will be going to the Principle Gallery in a couple of weeks for my annual solo exhibit┬áthere. This year’s show is called Passages and opens Friday, June 9th.

This piece is titled Silent Eye of Night and is 24″ by 12″ on canvas. For me, the cool of the moon acts as a counterweight to the warmth of the colors of the sky and the landscape. This juxtaposition creates the calmness and balance that marks the tone of this piece in my eyes. It’s one of those pieces that always grabs my eye as I am working and makes me stop to rest on it for a moment. Something very satisfying in this piece for me. I don’t know how to describe it other than that.

For this week’s Sunday Morning Music, here’s a song from Ryan Adams who I haven’t played here since 2009. I used to listen to him a lot but for some reason he just fell off my radar and out of my listening cycle. Maybe it’s time to get reacquainted. This is Easy Plateau.

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