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I’m sitting here wondering if the birthers will finally go away now that President Obama has given them what they claimed they sought.  I know I shouldn’t wonder such things because it’s obvious that this was never about a birth certificate, never about where the man was born.  If it was as simple as that, the question was answered long ago.  No, this is about intolerance, about a group of people being willing to accept any contrivance of a story that delegitimizes the man that they cannot accept as president because  of his differences from them.  Differences like his ideology and his intellect, where he definitely differs from them.  Differences like the Muslim roots of his name.  Like the color of his skin. 

Though this has been a dark blot of shame on our country, I am sure it will not end even now.  The hatred of these people knows no reason and will find a new lie to rally around.  New conspiracies raised by the winking shepherds of this willing flock.  And the media will sit by, unquestioning as it allows the lie to build.

Ah, it’s frustrating to see such unchecked hatred and idiocy. 

Here’s a song, Shoot Out the Lights, from Richard Thompson.  It was the title song from a highly acclaimed 1982 album from him and his then wife, Linda, that acted as a document of the end of their marriage.  I’ve always liked the imagery the title brings to mind, of someone shooting out the lights to mark the finality of something ending.  Let’s shoot out the lights on this birther business.

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barack-obama-birth-certificate_You know, I must have not been paying attention in the last few months because I thought  everything that needed to be said about Obama’s birth certificate had been said a year ago.  Now the media is filled with these birthers, people who cling to their misguided beliefs that Obama is indeed  the product of some long range conspiracy to overthrow their country.

It’s insanity.

I almost feel sympathy for these people because it seems that they are reeling out of control.  The election of Obama turned everything in their world upside down and they just can’t come to grips with the reality before them, that their country is being led by a black man.  

The latest example is the lady  who stood up at a Delaware Republican’s town hall meeting and ranted that Obama was not a citizen, that her father was part of the greatest generation that fought in WW II and that she wanted her country back.  A good portion of the conservative crowd cheered her on as she waved her birth certificate and a small flag.  It was all pretty sad that this remains such an  emotional trigger for this group of people.  But sadder still was how feebly the speaker at the dais tried to convince them that Obama was indeed a citizen.

Watching it, it became evident that the crisis was not the question of where someone was born.  No, the crisis is that there are very few  politicians with real guts, willing to step forward and tell these people to get over this deluded idea, to take this energy and put it to better use in working to make our  country better.  Instead we get the media and gutless politicos who only serve their own self-interest by stroking this sad lot, allowing this to grow into a diversion that takes away focus from real problems.  

It’s this same gutlessness that will prolong our country’s problems.  The first priority of too many politicians is an allegiance to themselves and their party, not the best interest of the country.  And that’s just wrong on so many levels…

Anyway, as much as I dislike talking about this stuff, it must be said: Get over it.

Here’s a clip that shows the incident I spoke about along with some commentary that pretty much echos mine:

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