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Ostrich-man-head-in-sandI’ve been sitting for over an hour or more at the computer, writing a whole thing this morning about the events in Paris as well as those horrific things taking place in Nigeria at the hand of the Boko Haram that make the Charlie Hebdo slayings pale by comparison.  But I decided against posting it, instead opting for for this:

We live in a dangerous time and we cannot live with our heads in the sand.

History has shown us that we must live with vigilance and resolve against those who will try to dictate how we must live.  It might seem hyperbolic and far removed but the longer we ignore it and pretend that it will not affect us, the closer it comes to realization.

For my music on this Sunday morning, I have chosen a scene from the movie Casablanca that is fittingly symbolic for what I have said above.  In this scene, the occupying German entourage at Rick’s Cafe are singing the German anthem boisterously.  The French resistance fighter Victor Laszlo furiously rushes to the house band to have them play the French anthem La Marseillaise in response.  The club’s patrons respond with a unity that drowns out the German voices.

There are perhaps a million folks marching in the streets of Paris today in solidarity against the actions of the terrorists, their voices raised in the hope of drowning out the noise of the terrorists who threaten them.  They have been awakened and are finding their resolve.

They have pulled their heads from the sand.

Take note and try to have a great Sunday.





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