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I am in the midst of a painting and I am at a point where I want to get at it as soon as I can. Plus I am not thinking in words this morning so it will be easier to move on with the day once I am painting. I know that sounds goofy, not thinking in words, but there are mornings, a lot of them lately, where I find myself just blankly staring at the screen. I have no words but do feel shapes and colors and patterns that can’t be verbally expressed.

Even writing that seems ridiculous when compared to what I am trying to describe.

So, instead I will share a video of the work of painter Stuart Davis who lived from 1892 until 1964 and was at the forefront of Pop Art. I like this video because it displays work from the different phases of his career, showing his stylistic evolution from realism to abstraction. Oddly enough, even though Davis’ work is mainly associated with jazz, the backing track of Ravel’s Bolero works pretty well.

Anyway, those are all the words I can muster today. Enjoy the Stuart Davis and the Bolero. Have a great day.

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