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celtic-shamrock-hiI thought that for a bit of Sunday morning music this week, I would stick with something that sort of fits with  tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day observance.  I say observance because while we often loudly celebrate it here with a little too much Guinness and more than enough Kelly green clothing, it is a more somber and religious holiday in Ireland.  But that being said, I thought I would play a song that is more in the spirit of  a raucous celebration.

This is Big Strong Man from the Irish band , The Wolfe Tones.  They have been around for about 50 years and are primarily known for their repertoire of rebel songs.  I am somewhat ambivalent about using them as I have a long-time friend who lives in County Armagh in Northern Ireland who has often described to me over the years the fatigue and the toll that this multi-generational conflict has taken on the people there.  But this is a great and fun song that doesn’t take  any political stand.

Have a great Sunday!

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