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GC Myers- The Mind Ponders“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”

– Coco Chanel


There is a new website, Other Cool Birds, out there in the inter-tubes that has all forms of artwork– visual, musical, performance and literary–that features a bird as its central theme.  It is a unique labor of love from multi-talented writer Lafayette Wattles, who also maintains an eponymous and entertaining website devoted to his own writings.  There is also a character always hovering around Lafayette named Dave DeGolyer who I first came in contact with a year or two back when he interviewed me for another website.  Lafayette took parts of my interview and has put it to good use as he has graciously selected me to be the first Featured Artist on the Other Cool Birds site, an honor for which I am highly appreciative.

I urge you to visit this site and the Lafayette Wattles site.  Both are entertaining and informative, plus if you are (or aren’t) an artist, writer, photographer, dancer or musician of any sort, Lafayette is always looking for another cool bird to include in his gallery.  Let your wings show!

I’ve gotten accustomed to having some music on Sunday mornings so here’s one of my favorites from the bluegrass kings, Flatt & Scruggs.  I just finished watching the film  Bonnie and Clyde after waking way too early and the strains of their Foggy Mountain Breakdown had me digging for a version of a Bob Dylan song they covered years ago, Down In the Flood.     I probably have a soft spot for Flatt & Scruggs because of their appearances on The Beverly Hillbillies but this is a great version and shows off the versatility and willingness to venture outside their own neighborhood.

Hey, have a great Sunday!

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I was recently asked to do an interview for the blog , The Best Me, which is written by the team of Cathy Shap and Dave DeGolyer.  They are holistic creativity and wellness coaches, as well as accomplished writers,  living now in Michigan.  Their aim is to show people how to best tap into their creativity in conjunction with leading energetic and healthy lives.  The pair became familiar with my work when they lived in the area near where I live  before making the move to Michigan and asked me to do this interview for their first blogpost. 

In the interview, I am asked about creativity and ritual as well as some specifics about some of the elements of my work.  The color red, for example.  I hope I gave some answers worth reading.

Check out The Best Me and all that it has to offer. 


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