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historia-antiques.com head and brain model 1I came across an interesting site belonging to a California based antiques dealer, James Caswell Historia.  I was  looking at  his collection of ex-votos, which are basically notes  left in shrines or churches by believers who want to express their gratitude or thanks for what they believe are answered prayers.  Many are small paintings depicting their patron saints or a miracle being performed.  They have a number of these from Mexico that are quite striking, real colorful examples of folk art.  They should show up in a future post.  But it was this item from their Medical/Scientific section that caught my eye.

historia-antiques.com head and brain modelIt’s a model of the upper part of a human head with the brain, which is in sections which are removable, exposed.  It’s from Germany and was made in the 19th century.  Sells for $1450 if you’re interested.  But it was the image of this head as though it were emerging from a pool of water like some creepy, throbbing  brain monster that intrigued me.  All I could think of was Martin Sheen’s Captain Willard character from Apocalypse Now when he slowly emerges from the water as he nears Colonel Kurtz.  Perhaps the exposed brain was somehow symbolic of Willard’s transformational epiphany.

Or not.

But that aside, it’s a striking piece that has the feel of a piece of modern art .  Plus, it would make a great candy dish for your Easter treats.  Take a look at this site— it’s got a lot of great interesting items.

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