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GC Myers-  In the Pocket of Time sm This coming February marks 20 years that I will have been showing my work at the West End Gallery.  It has been my pleasure over these two decades to be able to exhibit my work in my home area, to be able to share what I do with those folks who live in close proximity to me.

You would think this would make for an easy-going time when it comes to mounting a show each year, as I have done for the last twelve years.  After all, many of these people know me, have watched the evolution and growth of the paintings through this time and have supported me in so many ways that I will never be able to fully express my gratitude.

Maybe it’s that last point that makes this such a nerve-wracking show for me.   They have done so much for me that I don’t want to disappoint.   Like any performer or athlete, you always want to do well in front of a home crowd.

I feel very good about this show, feel that it will the space with deep glow of  saturated colors., feel that it really is a full expression of  myself in my work.  Hopefully, this will prove true.

Below is a short video that gives a preview of all of the work from my upcoming show, Layers, which opens this coming Friday, July 25th, at the West End Gallery in Corning, NY.   The music is  a guitar interpretation of Gymnopedie #1 from composer  Erik Satie.  The painting at the top is from the show.  Called In the Pocket of Time, it’s a 24″ by 30″ canvas that was one of the first inspirations for the show’s title.

Have a great Sunday…


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Hiroshige -Clear Winter Morning at KameyamaIt just feels like one of these Sunday mornings.  It’s clear and crisp, the colors of the sky outside my studio looking very much like something from a Hiroshige print.  Quiet outside.  Hardly a rustling through the forest as I made my way to the studio this morning.  In my head, I begin to hear those simple quiet notes from the first of  the Gymnopédies, that elegant group of quiet and moody music from composer Erik Satie.

Hearing this music always slows me down, makes me breath.  Ponder  things, both big and little.

But despite all my pondering, don’t ask me the meaning behind the word gymnopédie.  My little bit of research turns up no clear consensus on the meaning from any number of sources.  It could mean almost anything actually.  And maybe that is why Satie chose it– it sounds likes so much more but is vaporous and edgeless.

It fits the music.

Here’s a snip of Gymnopédie #1 to start your first Sunday of 2014.  I think it is interesting that the maker of this video chose images of the universe to illustrate this music.  Big things.   I think an image of a snow flake falling gently against a slatey sky would fit as well. Small things.

Have a good day.

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