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Kada Show 2014 aIn today’s edition of the Erie Times-News, there is a review of Into the Common Ground, my show currently on view at the Kada Gallery.  Written by Karen Rene Merkle, it gives an insightful and positive overview of the show.

It’s always a treat to see how others view your work, especially when they make the effort and spend the time getting to know the work.  It is my understanding that Ms. Merkle does just this, giving each piece her undivided attention as she takes in the show at the gallery. This makes it easy for me to fully appreciate her observations and insights about the work.

In the review, she mentioned that over the course of my time with the Kada, going on 19 years now, that the Erie community had adopted me as one of their own.  That really struck a chord with me, being a person who has often felt out of place.

I have come to really appreciate the vibrancy of the Erie community, how it has maintained its dignity and identity through its transformation into the 21st century.   There is a lack of an inferiority complex  and a real strength in their self-belief which dispels any traces of  deference to larger cities.  As Joe DeAngelo at the Kada Gallery would say: It is what it is.

Most other  industrial-based Rust Belt cities have not been able to move forward with the spirit and pride that I have experienced in this city.

So to be adopted by a community that is proud of its people and history and looks forward with optimism makes me happy  to call Erie a second home.

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GC Myers-The Attunement smThere was a really nice review of my show, Alchemy, that is currently  hanging at the Kada Gallery in Erie, PA.  Appearing in the Erie Times-News, the review is written by Karen Rene Merkle, who has reviewed my last few shows in Erie and always puts real thought and insight into her words.  Thank you, Ms. Merkle, for taking time and effort in examining my work.  It is most appreciated.

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There is a very good review in today’s Erie Times-News of my Kada Gallery show, Inward Bound, written by Karen Rene Merkle who has reviewed my Erie shows in the past.  Reviews of any kind have become more and more scarce over the years as the influence of the newspaper has waned in most markets, especially in those the size of  Erie, so I am always interested in seeing what an unbiased observer might see in my work.  As an artist, you set up a defense mechanism of sorts by trying not to put too much emphasis on what someone might say or write about your work.  But in the end,  your human nature wins out and you react accordingly.  When someone knocks your work, even in respectful terms, it still bothers you. Conversely, when someone praises your work you are happily satisfied.  This is, as I said, a very good review so I am happily satisfied.  I have written here that I felt  that this show was a very strong group of work and it is gratifying that someone such as Ms. Merkle takes the time and effort to  take a long and  insightful look at it.

Thanks so much for the kind words, Karen.  It is most appreciated.

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