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GC Myers- Blessed in Blue smallI’ve been extraordinarily fortunate in my career to have had long and lasting relationships with several galleries that represent my work.  This coming February will mark 20 years at the West End Gallery in Corning, NY as well as 18 years with the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA.  It also marks my 19th year with the Kada Gallery in Erie, PA.  Tonight’s show marks the 35th solo shows at these 3 galleries since the year 2000.

Each of these galleries is ran by people who I genuinely like and respect on a personal level which I think is the reason for the longevity of the relationships.  As a result, I always feel a responsibility to deliver the best possible show to each of these galleries.  A friend would do no less.

I hope that I have met that responsibility with the work for Into the Common Ground which opens tonight at the Kada Gallery.  Owners Kathy and Joe DeAngelo are two of the most decent and hard working people I have encountered in this or any other business.  Kathy has a tremendous enthusiasm for the work she displays, treating each piece with great care and respect.  She takes the time to really get to know the work, asking questions about the story behind each piece, and speaks authoritatively about it– all an artist can ask for in someone who shows their work.

Her enthusiasm is infectious.  When she calls me in the studio and I might be feeling a little worn down, I always hang up feeling upbeat and eager to get back at the paint.  Even after nearly 19 years of seeing my work she always seems excited by new pieces and that is a magical elixir for all artists.

So you can see why I desire my best for this show.  I know that this is a purely subjective opinion but I feel that I have done so this year.  It’s a show that clicks a lot of button for me but, again, that is not for me to say.  You will to just come out and judge for yourself.

The piece at the top, Blessed in Blue, is a 16″ by 20″ canvas, from the show.





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GC Myers-- Ahead of the Curve sm

Ahead of the Curve– GC Myers

Just a reminder that this is the last week for my solo exhibit, Alchemy, which is hanging at the Kada Gallery in Erie until Monday, December 16th.

The show has been very well received and is one of which I am very proud, both in the content of the show and in the way it hangs together.  Gallery owner Kathy DeAngelo  has hung the show with her normal  great thought so that each piece shows at its very best in this particular space and in relation to the work around it.   This  care in arranging  the work gives the show the sense of continuity that I see running through the work in the studio which is what I hope others can see in the galleries.

So, if you’re in the Erie area this weekend, stop in at the Kada Gallery and take a stroll through the show.  It may just be the thing to calm those holiday jitters…

GC Myers- Maestro

Maestro — GC Myers

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gc-myers-internal-landscape-2012Well, my show, Alchemy, opened Saturday night at the Kada Gallery in Erie.  It was a good night filled with conversation with many folks, some longtime fans of the work and some new to it.  One of the highlights of the show was being able to exhibit my large and well documented  The Internal Landscape, show here,  at the Kada.

It is a piece that I am very proud of and it was good to be able to show it to the many folks who have followed my work in this region over the 17 or so years I have shown there.  It drew a lot of attention as it greeted show visitors from an opposing wall as they came into the gallery.  It contributed greatly to a very warm glow that filled the space.

I would like to send out a resounding Thank You to everyone who came out to the show on Saturday.  It is always inspiring to get the feedback that I receive from these shows and for that I am gratefully indebted.

Also, a heartfelt thank you to Kathy and Joe DeAngelo, owners of the Kada Gallery.  I have known Kathy since the early days of 1996 when she took me on as a relatively new artist, having only shown my work for a year or so before coming across through an act of serendipity.

Kathy, along with Joe, has been one  of the most, if not the most, vocal advocates of  my work over these many years, always encouraging me to continue further into my work.  By that,  I mean she always gave me the freedom to explore new directions and has never pressured me to stay at any one point on my artistic path or tried to direct the work in any way.  She and Joe have always been eager to see the new and different paths that I have explored over this time and that is a wonderfully liberating thing for any artist.  Thank you, Kathy and Joe, and thanks to their new young staffers, Morgan and Emily, whose youthful  spirit  and enthusiasm is wonderful to behold in the gallery.

Thanks, everyone involved,  for a great show.  Once again, it has been my pleasure.

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GC Myers- Behind the Curtain sm

Well, my show was delivered  to the Kada Gallery yesterday and owner Kathy DeAngelo, along with her  helping hands, is busy hanging and arranging the work on the gallery walls for  the Saturday evening opening.  There was the usual relief on the ride home, knowing that the greater part of my task in this show was done and the work was safely in place.  I feel very good about this show.  I think the work is strong and  mature in its development and has the consistency that I so desire for my work,  each piece fitting neatly into the overall context of this show.

One of the paintings that I chose for this show is shown above and is titled Behind the Curtain,  a 12″ by 36″ canvas.  This is a very simple, elemental painting in its design, which plays to the strength of this piece.  It is meant to be spare in its tone, a clear evocation of stillness and contemplation that is carried out via blocks of color, strong underlying texture and open space within the composition.

The pale blocks of color which make up the sky create a curtain-like effect here from which I pulled the title.  The chaotic swirls and lines of the underlying gesso surface seem to form a separate  world of motion and energy that is only slightly hidden behind this curtain of sky, as though it were of a different dimension in time and space that is both unattainable yet always within reach.  Perhaps the gears of the universe turning while we stumble along, unaware. of the great power lurking so near .

The sun here is the mysterious part, a green blue sphere that appears more as a lush Earth-like planet than a burning sun.  For me, it makes this piece feel very introspective, like the Red Tree is outside itself here,  looking back on planet Earth.   Regardless if  this is the case, this painting feels quiet and questioning, focused on bigger themes of being.

At least that’s how I see it…

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After the Show

Well, the show, Inward Bound,  opened at the Kada Gallery  this past Saturday evening and , despite the rain that pelted Erie, some folks turned out.  Many thanks to all of those who showed up and to Kathy and Joe DeAngelo for the wonderful job they have done once again.  Kathy always hangs the work with such thought that each painting is shown to its very best advantage,  really making the group of paintings glow as a whole in the gallery.

The evening began with a gallery talk that kicked off the opening reception and my performance was a bit rocky, especially at the beginning.  I’ve done dozens of these talks over the years but I was somehow more nervous at the beginning of this talk than any other I can recall.  I don’t know why but it gave the talk a halting, stop-and-go feel that probably bothered me more than those in the audience who had not been to other talks.  As a result, I felt as though I missed touching on a number of points I had hoped to express.  I beat myself up a bit after the show for this but , in the grand scheme of things, my self-critique didn’t take away from  a lovely evening.

Again, many thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday.  It is most appreciated and it is always my pleasure to meet those who have found something to enjoy in my work.  I always come back to the studio inspired by some of the stories that are shared with me.  That’s one of the hidden perks of this job and one that might be my favorite. For that, I am truly thankful.

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A lot of things happened this weekend that I could comment on here.   There was Felix Baumgartner  flying a balloon up tot he very edge of space then jumping out to plummet at over 600 MPH back to earth.  Then there was the world of baseball where Derek Jeter fractured his ankle, bringing a state of depression to Yankee fans everywhere. And yesterday I delivered the work yesterday for my show, Inward Bound, which opens this coming Saturday at the Kada Gallery in Erie.

An interesting thing came up while talking with owner Kathy DeAngelo at the Kada.   Her son, David, who lives on the West Coast, had called her and had told her that he thought someone was using one of my images on an album cover, something called Lowe Country.  He was positive that it was my imagery.  At first, I thought it might be coincidental, that it was an image from someone that  had a style that resembled my work.  But i thought I would look it up just to be sure.

So this morning I googled Lowe Country and, clicking on a link, was shocked to see one of my paintings staring out at me.  It was an older piece, one from around 1997 and I couldn’t quite place  the exact piece or where it might have been sold.  But I was sure it was mine.  It had to be or there was someone out there who was my artistic doppelganger.

The album was a tribute album featuring musicians, primarily from the  country and Americana fields,  doing covers of songs by  Nick Lowe, which I thought was good because I have always been a fan of his work since the 70’s, especially when he was with Dave Edmunds in the band Rockpile .  That didn’t help much.  I still couldn’t figure out how my work had ended up there on the cover.  I clicked on a few more links trying to find something that would give me some sort of an an idea.  Nothing.  Then I clicked on an interview with the producer of the project and the founder of  Fiesta Red Records.  His name was Robert Seidenberg.

In a flash it all made sense.  It was his painting, or at least a portion of it.  He had bought this painting  from the West End Gallery when he was with Hollywood Records   many years ago.  My mind eased a bit at this revelation and I became pleased that the image was being used, even though I was not getting even a nod of recognition from it.  I was just thrilled to see that image , especially when I saw that the whole painting  wrapped around the entire jacket.  Looks good.

I am not sure if I will get in touch with Mr. Seidenberg.  I probably will if only to let him know I approve of its use and to let him know that he should be more thorough in using imagery in the future because of the ownership rights to images that artist maintain even after the original painting is sold.  But at least I am aware that it’s out there.  Thanks, David, for bring it to my attention.

[ PS : Found the Liner Notes and indeed I am credited.  The painting was Lakelover  from 1998.]

Here’s one of the tracks from the album, Heart of the City, from Chatham County Line.

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