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I have a bunch of tasks ahead of me over the next couple of days so I am just going to share a song today. I don’t remember how I came across Kaz Hawkins awhile back nor do I know if she enjoys much popularity here.

But I always do enjoy hearing a song or two from her.

She’s a singer with a big blues-tinged voice from Northern Ireland now living in France. Her early life was filled with abuse, domestic violence, drug addiction and mental health issues that found her cutting herself. Her wounds are covered by the tattoos that adorn her arms. Along with her singing career she now advocates for mental health issues.

This song, Lipstick and Cocaine, was written and dedicated to the police and doctors who saved her life after a violent attack from an ex-partner. It’s a pretty powerful song. It makes you realize that w can sit and decry our own problems but everyone has their own challenges, many much greater your own. Problems that make your own pale in comparison.

So, in this week of thanks and expressions of gratitude, be thankful for your own problems and the fact that they don’t reach the depths of so many others. 

As the hobo in Slaughterhouse-Five said to Billy Pilgrim as they spent days as POW’s in a crowded train boxcar, “This ain’t so bad.”

It’s all relative.

Have a good day. 

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