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Lascaux.   The name immediately brings to mind the famed cave in France containing the extraordinary Paleolithic paintings.  Preserved for over 17,000 years, they represent the profound need for the artist to record what is in his world.  It also serves as an intimate glimpse into an age that is massively far removed from our modern world.  Yet, for as distant as that world and time might seem,  the imagery in these caves still brings us back to our primal connections to those ancestors.  We are still moved by the image and the story.  We may have changed less than we would like to believe.

I mention this today because there is a new online literary/art magazine called The Lascaux Review.  The first edition premiered yesterday and features one of my Archaeology ( Archaeology: Rainbow’s End, seen below)  paintings as accompaniment to a poem, Creation, by the distinguished American poet, Philip Appleman.  The poem is dedicated to Marcel Ravidat, the discovered of the Lascaux caves.  It is a lovelyand powerful poem and I am honored to have my image associated with it.

Please take a moment and check out The Lascaux Review.  It won’t be time wasted.

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