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Orlando Mass Shooting ScreenshotYet another mass killing right here in the the good US of A, this time in Orlando.  50 dead and another 53 wounded, many in critical condition.

It raises all kinds of emotions.  Sadness and sorrow for the families of the people killed and wounded.  Anger at the senselessness of it all.  Fear and dismay that this record for carnage will fall all too soon. Frustration that instead of finding unity and a coming together as a nation  in the wake of such an event we choose to become even more divided and vulnerable.

And simply numb because this happens again and again and again.

And this will  not end soon.  Not while we remain a country that can’t find common ground on which to build,  one that assails those who have a different point of view, one that refuses to compromise and sacrifice individually in any way for the betterment of the whole.

We have become a niched and insular country.  We can live our entire lives within our own little circle without overlapping our adjoining community or country in any way which is the antithesis to our development as a nation.  We were built on community and until we can find that form again in this modern society we will struggle and foster this continued insanity.

Again and again and again.

How do we do this?  I do not know.  But I do know that it is not something that we can overcome by through fear and rancor or by arming ourselves and building walls.  It requires vision and optimism and setting a common goal while setting aside greed and selfishness.

Is it possible?

I can only hope.  But it might be our only chance…

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