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Other arms reach out to me
Other eyes smile tenderly
Still, in peaceful dreams, I see
The road leads back to you, to you, my beautiful Georgia
Georgia, no peace I find
Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind

Hoagy Carmichael, Georgia on My Mind

Nothing more this morning but a sigh of relief and a big “thank you” to the good people of the state of Georgia. Here’s a strong rendition of the song Georgia on My Mind performed by a collected group of Broadway stars. Lots of talent here.

I was going to play the seminal version from Ray Charles, by far the best known and most powerful single performance of the song which was written in 1930 by Hoagy Carmichael. Willie Nelson also had a sweet quieter version of the song that went to Number 1 on the charts in 1978.

But give a listen and, if you’re so inclined, send out some psychic thanks to our friends in Georgia. 

Have a good day and let an old sweet song keep Georgia on your mind…

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“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

H.L. Mencken, On Politics: A Carnival of Buncombe

Well, H.L. Mencken was certainly proven correct, only 60 years after he published the words above back in 1956.

I don’t know what that truly says about us as a people and our inner soul. But I do know that today we have a chance to clean up that lapse in judgement.

It’s election day 2020! Kick out the jams, folks! Let’s get this thing done. To be honest, I was going to use a different word here instead of folks. All you old MC5 fans out there will know what I was thinking.

I am not going to drone on. Just asking you to participate, to get out there and vote. Thank you for all who have already taken their civic responsibility seriously and voted early. And if you have yet to vote, stand tough and get that vote in today.

Take nothing for granted and do not be discouraged, intimidated or swayed.

Just vote.

I used the painting above from Norman Rockwell albeit with the addition of a mask to make it even more relevant to 2020. Even without the mask, it seemed to sum up this year pretty well. You can interpret it for yourself.

Have a good day and let’s hope together that we vote for a different and better future than the one we’ve been headed towards for the past four years.

Here’s an ad from the Lincoln Project, a group of longtime Republican operatives who have been actively opposed to the current iteration of their party and this president***. This is their final message for the election and it features the magnificent rendition of America the Beautiful from Ray Charles. It’s the only time his foundation has allowed the use of his music in a political ad.

This ad doesn’t attack or elevate either candidate even as it asks for you to vote for a change from what is now at hand. It aspires to the ideal of America, its vision and promise. It’s about what we hope to be, How we wish the world to see us and how we hope to see ourselves.

Only one candidate this year can take us anywhere near that goal.

Like the ad says, the time has come.

Vote for change.

Vote for America.


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